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Are you living your life in the way you want? 

Do you have goals that want to achieve or habits you'd like to start and you can do them easily? 

Have you got the upper hand on the voices in your head? The ones that criticise you all the time, or talk you out of doing something because it's too hard, you don't know enough, you might fail etc etc. 

If you have, that is wonderful and all power to you.

If not, then you might want to speak to me. 



My name is Julie Grauel. I am great at connecting people to the solutions to their problems. As an expert in adapting and reinventing myself, I have lived in 4 different countries and had 8 different careers. 

I moved away from Australia almost 20 years ago to follow my heart, which was not an easy decision- there were lots of questions and doubts. But I had had enough of feeling stuck and miserable and I knew I had to do something different. I did not have the faintest idea where it would lead but it has led to an amazing life. Now, after almost 20 years of searching, I finally understand what my purpose is. My purpose is to create with confidence, to connect others to new ideas and to live courageously and wholeheartedly. I express this in my art, my life and my work.

I love working with people to overcome the limiting beliefs holding them back from doing what they really want, and fully stepping into their purpose. 


I love jogging, and was always scared of being chased by dogs when I was running. Working with you gave me comfort and I can face dogs now without fear. It was a very nice experience to do the Belief journey with you. It was a soothing and calming process and I am very surprised of the outcome! 

- Rebecca Budimir, Frankfurt

 I was never a big fan of exercise. I found it hard, boring and often had negative talk in my head about it. I decided to work with Julie on changing this .  Julie is an excellent facilitator, she is so calm, kind and wise. After our session, I honestly can say that I feel so much better about exercise, it no longer feels like a chore but rather something I am happy to do and enjoy doing.   

- Selina Man Karlsson, Curious Courses

 After working in several large companies I felt lost, empty and without balance. Julie helped me focus on my dreams and targets. Julie dealt with my insecurities and doubts, encouraged and challenged me to believe in myself and follow my intuition. She supported me in finding my values and my balance again.

Beginning of this year I found myself moved to Switzerland, started my own business and I feel like becoming the person I have always wanted to be.  Julie's intuition, her perspective and her ability to work process-oriented is unique and

 opened up a new perspective on my own life. Thanks a lot for believing in me and all your support. 

  - Raeid Meri, Zurich

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Julie Grauel